NEW MUSIC – “Numbers” by: Jae Haze

“I’m 100 like Wilt, I do 100 on 290 just to see how it’ll feel.”

14199763_1244411975583495_6525761162220189479_nSomething must be in the water in Chicago because there is an unbelievably large variety of great music coming out of the city.

R.A.N. Nation artist, Jae Haze is another example of the quality of hip-hop being made in Chicago. Haze is set to drop his project, No Idea, in the fall of 2016 and until the project releases he has been feeding the streets with a healthy serving of his music — giving listeners a better understanding of what to expect from him.

R.A.N. Nation has already made noise in 2016 with the release of Weasel Sims’ Prey 4 Paris, which Jae Haze was featured on.

“Numbers” is Haze’s latest track release, the track is full of energy. You can’t listen to the track without mean-mugging. Haze 13680949_1214245758600117_553473725093151561_nis rapping with so much hunger in his voice and each verse is packed with hard-hitting punchlines.

The biggest standout from this track is the concept of how he’s “doing numbers” and starting both verses off with an attention-grabbing basketball metaphor. To start the first verse Haze compares himself to Michael Jordan dropping 63 on the Celtics: “I’m 23 in that Boston Garden, they can’t guard me.” The second verse kicks of referencing Kobe Bryant’s historic 81-point game against the Raptors: “I’m 24 in ’06 right on Toronto’s floor.” That Kobe reference was particularly hard in my opinion because he revisited Toronto a few bars later: “My whole squad A1, sophisticated gangsters. I aint no Drake but I’m raising the stakes, just thank me later.” 

I’m anxious to hear the full-length project from Jae Haze, he’s reminiscent of when gangster-rap had lyrics.

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