NEW MUSIC VIDEO – “Numbers” by: Jae Haze

Jae Haze shows off his game-face in this visual for his single “Numbers” off of his upcoming project; No Idea. This track is packed full of punchlines and metaphors as Haze talks about how his hustle and hunger separates him from the competition.

Haze offers several clever basketball references on “Numbers” and as a visual aid to those references, Haze is shown rocking an impressive collection basketball jerseys in this video.

Those jerseys include: Fredro Starr’s jersey from Sunset Park, Will Smith’s high school jersey from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Jesus Shuttlesworth’s Lincoln High School jersey from He Got Game.


One of the many standout lines on the track is the opener: “I’m 23 in that Boston Garden, they can’t guard me”, so it was only right for Haze to pay homage to Jordan in this video. There is an autographed Michael Jordan Bulls jersey displayed as Haze raps the opening line and Haze can be seen wearing a 2003 Michael Jordan All-Star jersey.

Stay on the lookout for Jae Haze’s upcoming project; No Idea, set to drop in the fall of 2016.


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