NEW MUSIC – “No Service” by: L.A. VanGogh

Screenshot (32)“Alton Sterling’s on my conscious, need a moment of silence.”

L.A. VanGogh is definitely hard at work this year. He dropped a project in early 2016 in collaboration with DJ/music producer Ambi Lyrics. The duo joined forces as “safeNsound” to release safeNsound presents: L.A. VanGogh — a well crafted seven-track project. VanGogh seems to be doing a great job at gaining recognition despite being just one of many up-and-coming hip-hop artists from Chicago.

VanGogh even referenced the large Chicago hip-hop scene in one of my favorite lyrics from “No Service”: “I was listening to Bella Bahhs in a Chevy car, going hella hard, with some Lil Bibby and some G-Herb. Smoking Reptar, that’s a green monster. I got Wal-Marts in my repertoire. What’s that mean? That means I got a whole lot in store.” 


With his aggressive delivery, playful flows, and clever metaphors, VanGogh is truly a joy to listen to. In his young career, VanGogh has shown that he is capable to flow over any instrumental and stay true to himself.

This latest track release from VanGogh shows his ability to be creative with his flows and clever with his metaphors while having fun with it. “No Service” is a fun listen. The beat bounces, the hook is catchy, and VanGogh adds to the energy of the song with his verses despite the mostly aggressively competitive (somewhat cocky) content.

Rappers with similar abilities as L.A. VanGogh tend to box themselves in but L.A. VanGogh lives up to his “shpeshftr (shape-shifter)” identity by not allowing himself to be boxed in. He’s always aggressive, either with his content or with his delivery but so far in his career he has been able to seamlessly fit onto any instrumental he raps over and makes that sound his own.





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