NEW MUSIC – “Groover (Remix)” by: Jae Haze featuring MFn Melo, Chris Spencer, and D2G



Jae Haze has already impressed by dominating tracks on his own but it’s even more impressive that he’s able to hold his own on a track with some of Chicago’s best up-and-coming artists.

The duo of Chris Spencer (Vic Spencer & Chris Crack) along with solo artists, D2G and Pivot’s MFn Melo all brought the heat for the “Groover Remix” but Haze was not out-shined by any means. In fact, Haze made the bold decision of putting himself last on the track.

13879424_1309669789058107_1427323644086139667_nThe original version of “Groover” was listeners’ first real introduction to Haze. His delivery, confidence, and punchlines left many listeners wanting more. Lucky for the listeners, Haze has been serving them up a steady diet of music ever since.

The guest artists on this remix are a perfect fit because on the original version of “Groover,” Haze said “this is a brief introduction to some of the most thoroughest lyrical content out of Chicago, now let it settle in.” So it was only right for Haze to feature some of the best lyricists in Chicago for the remix.


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