NEW MUSIC – “Church / Liquor Store” by: Saba featuring Noname

“Church, Barbershop, bottle I got from the liquor store on Cicero. I aint 21 but he didn’t know”


Let’s cut to the chase, this is a gem!

Saba and Noname linked up again and made something magical. Saba perfectly painted a picture of Chicago’s westside on the hook with mentions of funeral homes, barber shops, liquor stores, chalk outlines, and more from the perspective of a quiet teen growing up in such an environment.


“Fuck who you think I sound like I’m a legend in the making like the director’s cut of I Am Legend

This track is such a fun listen, as Saba plays around with his flows and clever punchlines. One of the best elements of Saba’s delivery is his energy and how fast he can become so animated and aggressive then instantly fall back into a laid back zone. No one else in hip-hop is doing that as effortlessly and smooth as Saba is, so I understand why he hates the comparisons.

The production by Cam O’bi cannot go unrecognized, this instrumental is simply beautiful. The instrumental fits the traditional sound Saba and Noname both seem to go for, something peaceful that will allow the listener to pay more attention to what is being said.

My favorite part of the instrumental is the vocals provided by Akenya, another Chicago artist.

This track got me even more excited and anxious for October 27th, when Bucket List Project drops!

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