Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg interviews Smino

If you are unfamiliar with Smino, I suggest you get your life in order. Besides his own projects (SICK SICK SICK EP and blkjuptr), Smino has really impressed with his guest appearances on his peers’ work. Smino’s most notable guest appearances were on Saba’s “World In My Hands” and Noname’s “Shadow Man”.


While being interviewed by Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97, Smino mentioned his verse on Noname’s “Shadow Man” is his favorite verse to-date because of the subject matter of the song. Smino went on to quote a line from his “Shadow Man” verse — coincidentally my favorite line from that verse: “Tippy toe on a tightrope. Leaning on green and it’s going to be a dice roll. I’m fiending for a feline who mindset’s like Afeni, I got Tupac’s for us. Gold on my gum-line, done got rich off my tongue.” That line is a perfect example of what Smino was referencing during the interview about him being just as much “ratchet” as he is “conscious”.

In the interview, Smino talked about social media (Twitter being his preference), his love for Chicago, and his musical influences (including music acts like: Dungeon Family, Ludacris, Nelly, and Kanye West.)


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