The ‘Justice League’ Movie Is A Big Risk

Everyone is looking at Marvel’s The Avengers and how great of a movie it was and saying that a ‘Justice League’ movie could be even better. False. I say this because ‘The Avengers’ are all great superheroes but they are all capable of being supporting role type of superheroes. In Justice League, it’s too risky to have Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Wonder Woman sharing one stage. If Superman gets too much focus Batman fans will go berserk, and so on.


DC has had troubles finding the right actors for their superheroes; outside of Batman. Superman has never been portrayed well since of Christopher Reeves. And, it’s safe to say the Green Lantern needs a replacement, because Ryan Reynolds did a awful job. Marvel had to redo the Hulk to find the perfect fit in Edward Norton, even though that didn’t work out contractually for Marvel’s The Avengers, they still fixed the solo movie in order to establish the character, and luckily Mark Ruffalo did a great job.

With rumors of Christopher Nolan directing the project, it gives me hope especially if he has his hands on all of the solo films. In order to do this right, they have to use Marvel as an example and concentrate on the solo firsts with all of these characters then after establishing each character they can revisit the idea of a ‘Justice League’ movie. A Green Lantern redo is a necessity and maybe even another Batman movie, if they do plan on using Christian Bale.

I think they should try to get Jamie Foxx, Derek Luke, or James Franco to revamp the Green Lantern role. It’s pretty obvious that only the John Stewart or Hal Jordan Green Lantern’s are worth filming. Ryan Kwanten and Jacob Pitts are my favorites for The Flash role. There is only one actress that I find acceptable for Wonder Woman: Gina Carano; I love that woman. Common would be great for Martian Manhunter considering him being a pretty good actor and when Manhunter morphs to a human he’s a bald black man.

Spewing out my thoughts about who should act as the members of ‘Justice League’ has me excited for these films and I cannot imagine Christopher Nolan doing the actual ‘Justice League’ film an injustice but I have doubts about bringing Christian Bale returning as Batman after basically hanging up the cape in The Dark Knight Rises. I think one mor Dark Knight film would be smart especially if the rumors are true that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character from The Dark Knight Rises  might takeover for Bruce Wayne. Even though that idea wouldn’t have the comic book-purists too happy, it could work.

Another big concern about doing a ‘Justice League’ movie is DC’s failure to make a good Superman movie, but I must admit that this definitely gives me hope:


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