Will Homosexual Men Ever Be Accepted In Sports?

Throughout history there has always been prejudice, if it were towards minority racial groups or towards women as a whole, but the prejudice against the homosexual community is a different animal. I say this because there is still this belief among homophobic people that being homosexual is a choice, so in many of these people’s minds they aren’t hating on homosexuals as people but they are against their beliefs of same-sex relations.

Where the line gets blurry is where this is issue has becoming sexist against male homosexuals. It is no secret that lesbians are much more acceptable than gay men. I believe the reason of this is deeper than men just being attracted to women kissing women. I believe this is because gay men are against the norm of what society believes a man should be. There is a stereotype that all gay men are like Perez Hilton, and have a high level of femininity. While there are gay men that are like Perez Hilton, there are also gay men who are just gandalf_magnetoregular dudes; who happen to like dudes. Due to that perception of gay men being feminine, straight men fear that they gay men will hit on them.

I am a fan Neil Patrick Harris and Sir Ian McKellen and even though I found out about their sexuality after I became a fan of their work, my admiration of their work didn’t waver.

I mean, Gandalf is gay! If Gandalf can be gay, why can’t a professional athlete be gay?

No, but with all joking aside is it because acting is an art and artists tend to be more in touch with their emotions that being gay isn’t a big deal in their field, while athletes are depicted as macho/tough guys? Unfortunately, I believe that is the case. And going back to my previous point, if you put an openly gay man in a locker room full of naked straight men, they straight men will become uncomfortable and would probably treat the gay man as an outcast and not socialize with him. Which is just stupid. If there are “closeted homosexuals” in the sports world then they wouldn’t change if they announced their sexuality but the perception of them from their teammates and society would change. Just think of that, they could be the most liked player in sports but if they decide to announce that they are homosexual then they would be ridiculed. Why? They probably were always gay, you just didn’t know it, they didn’t change who they were.

In the video above at about the 1:00 mark Chris Culliver, a cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers, made some anti-homosexual comments about how if any of his teammates are gay they better not announce their sexuality until 10 years after they are done playing because “can’t be with that sweet stuff”. Culliver soon apologized for the comments, which was probably the right move considering that there is a large population of homosexuals in San Francisco.

4605309337_69628f3c5dManti Te’o’s sexuality is now being questioned because of his fake online relationship with a person who he thought to be a girl but ended up being a homosexual man. The speculation over Te’o’s sexuality strengthens my argument that some of the hatred towards homosexuals is sexist. I remember in 2005 when Sheryl Swoopes announced that she was gay, there was almost no mention of it.  Her announcement of being gay was a just a small blurb that scrolled across the bottom of SportsCenter. She was a 3 time MVP, and 4 time Champion of the WNBA. She is one of the most high-profiled WNBA players ever, yet her announcing being gay was almost an afterthought. I understand how unique Manti Te’o’s story is but to blow it so far out of proportion like the media is doing makes me doubt that there will ever be an openly gay male athlete in the next 20 years.



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