NEW MUSIC – “Illuminate” by: Curt Cohiba

“Hands up, I can’t breathe. When the Million Man March becomes a stampede, enlighten and let the lamp lead.”

Grab your umbrellas because Curt Cohiba is steadily dropping music has he gears up to release his debut project — The Loophole.

On this latest track — “Illuminate” — Cohiba spews confidence in his flow and with his witty punchlines but this song at it’s core has a very powerful message. Cohiba does a great job at allowing this song to be all about punchlines at face-value but when you delve into those clever punchlines, you can visualize the picture that is being painted.

The black community has been America’s punching bag for centuries and Cohiba addresses that sad truth in this track (which he released just after the police murdered Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana.)


The build up of the song is what is truly impressive, it is almost like Cohiba is telling a story as the message progresses throughout the song, from talking about struggles then concluding with the confidence to “stand back and just illuminate”.

Cohiba is a very strategic artist, he knows how to market himself and once he gains more notoriety, I cannot see him becoming irrelevant, simply because of smart decisions like releasing this track when he did. Timing is everything in the music business and being talented is one hell of a plus.



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