NEW MUSIC – “Gracious” by: Curt Cohiba featuring MFn Melo

Curt Cohiba is a Chicago MC looking to make a name for himself but he doesn’t possess the typical mindset of a hip-hop artist. Cohiba founded L.O.T.T.O. Entertainment (Learning Only To Teach Others) in 2010 as an undergraduate at Loyola University Chicago. His goals with the L.O.T.T.O. brand is to build platforms for people (like himself) coming from low-income communities to pursue their dreams and teach one another as they strive to turn their dreams into their reality.

curtcohibaCohiba has the mindset of a CEO but the hunger of an underground rapper. That hunger matched with his clever punchlines and smooth delivery is good enough to get Cohiba some attention but that CEO mindset is going to assure him that attention he seeks and more. His degree in Communications helps him with marketing himself although he already has some pretty strong connections in the prospering Chicago rap scene.

One of those connections is MFn Melo, of the hip-hop collective Pivot Gang. MFn Melo starts “Gracious” with the same rhyme scheme that Curt Cohiba ends the song with, both MCs unleash an abundance of quick-witted punchlines upon the listeners as they gracefully flow over this keyboard-centric instrumental.

MFn Melo is expected to drop his debut solo project — Melodramatics sometime in 2016 and there is no news on when Curt Cohiba might be releasing his debut solo project but until those projects drop, both MCs have a plethora of tracks on their Soundcloud accounts to check out.




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