NEW MUSIC – “S.W.S. MFnUntitled” by: MFn Melo

Not-so-lucky Libra. Clumsy dreamer, but won’t fall asleep.

The wait is almost over!

MFn Melo has done just enough in his young career to build an inquiring-type of buzz. A few loose tracks here-and-there, plus Pivot Gang’s Jimmy mixtape has put the Chicago MC in a position where whenever he drops music the hip-hop blogs will post it. When an artist in such a position, it is easy to become complacent with getting blog posts and a few shows a month but MFn doesn’t appear comfortable with complacency.


Chicago currently has a huge hip-hop scene that continues to grow with a wide-variety of acts, so it is important for artists like MFn Melo — on the brink of greater recognition — to flood the streets with quality content.

“S.W.S. MFnUntitled” is MFn Melo’s first track release of 2016 and it’s definitely an attention-getter, as he raps over Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled 05 | 09.21.2014.” MFn made sure the listeners didn’t forget what to expect from him — lyrics, flows, and aggression.

Hopefully we get Melodramatics sooner-than-later but I think it would be smart for MFn to drop his debut project in the summer and just feed the listeners a bunch of loosies in the meantime.


“Word to Smooda!”


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