NEW MUSIC – “Buddha” by: Phoelix (featuring Saba)

Phoelix was first introduced as the producer of Saba’s last track release, “Soap Box”. Phoelix re-introduces himself on his first single — “Buddha” — through his songwriting ability with his own vocals.

  • The biggest question going into listening to “Buddha: what kind of music should we expect from Phoelix?            
  • The biggest question after listening to “Buddha: did Saba breathe during his verse?

Saba’s verse was very dope — crazy flow and many great quotables. But as dope as Sab was, he didn’t necessarily outshine Phoelix — which says a lot about Phoelix’s impact on the song. I have never been a fan of synthesized vocals but once I got past that and listened to the lyrics, I was very impressed by Phoelix’s obvious talent.

I am definitely looking forward to what else Phoelix has in-store, as a producer and as a solo artist. More of the same? Or hopefully some variety?



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