NEW MUSIC – “Angels” by: Chance The Rapper featuring Saba

It looks like Chance The Rapper is in midst of finally releasing another solo project. It is going on three years since the release of Chance’s critically-acclaimed mixtape; “Acid Rap.”

Chance is in an interesting place in his career (especially compared to many of his peers) because he has complete power of all of his work and can pretty much pick-and-choose whatever platform he would like to release his work on. For instance, he premiered this new single on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” after getting the internet buzzing about a collaboration between him and Colbert on his Hot 97 interview. In his interview with Colbert the future collaboration was confirmed.


After his brief interview with Colbert he hit the Late Show stage to perform “Angels” featuring fellow-Chicago artist; Saba. The opening line to the song is  “I got my city doing front flips,” and I can attest, by reading people’s reactions on social media, that all of the Chicagoans who were tuned in were thrilled to see the city being representing so well on such a big stage. Saba and Chance were wearing hoodies representing the two biggest hip-hop radio stations in Chicago — Power 92 and WGCI. Both stations were also mentioned in the song.

Peep the choreography though! Haha

This is a pretty great song with high energy, very reminiscent of the Chance the world fell in love with on “Acid Rap.” My only knock on this song was that Saba was confined to just being featured on the hook and not getting a verse of his own — but that would just be me nitpicking.

Truthfully, this song is perfect as is and it could be groundbreaking for Chicago artists like Chance The Rapper, Saba, Vic Mensa, Joseph Chilliams, Mick Jenkins, MFn Melo, John Walt, Noname Gypsy, and many more to get support from the mainstream media. This song and the performance was really the first time the new generation of Chicago artists (outside of the drill music scene) were put on a mainstream platform.


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