NEW MUSIC – “Boogey Down The Block” by: Joseph Chilliams featuring Saba

I have made a few posts on the Pivot Gang, so I feel obligated to share that I have known them on a personal level for several years. I took it upon myself to explain this to you — the readers — because I know a lot of people who make music. I post Pivot Gang’s music, not because I know them but, because I believe they are making some of the best music in hip-hop.

Joseph Chilliams is a Chicago MC with the unique ability to throw punchlines, metaphors, and many eccentric references in his verses and somehow making sense of it all. His punchlines are a art-form on their own. In this smooth track featuring (and produced by) fellow-Pivoter; Saba, Chilliams mentions everything from Sonic the Hedgehog to Galileo.

TScreenshot (11)he harmony Chilliams uses on the hook is slightly reminiscent of The Pharcyde’s “Runnin but not really, it’s just a very groovy feel. The track gives off a very easy-going vibe, much to due to Chilliams’ harmonious hook (that will get stuck in your head) and Saba’s laid back instrumentals.

Joseph Chilliams definitely had his standout moments on Pivot Gang’s collective project — ‘Jimmy‘ — but “Boogey Down The Block” may be the best thing he has released to the public to date. He has dropped a few songs in the past few weeks or so that really have me anticipating his first solo full-length project. The only negative I took away from “Boogey Down The Block” is I would have liked a second verse from Chilliams, the song felt a bit too short — but that is just me nitpicking.

Below you can watch and enjoy a spoken word performance by Joseph Chilliams to better understand his artistry.

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