Why Did the Baltimore Ravens Release Ray Rice?

In February, a video surfaced of the Baltimore Ravens’ Pro-Bowl running back, Ray Rice, dragging his unconscious girlfriend off of an elevator. It was common knowledge that Ray Rice assaulted his girlfriend, causing her to be unconscious. These are facts that we have known for 7 months now. In August, Roger Goodell–the poor excuse for a commissioner that he is–suspended Ray Rice for just 2 regular season games because of his offense. That slap-on-the-wrist of a suspension caused an uproar by the public. After being scrutinized for weeks, Roger Goodell decided that for now on any NFL player who assaults a woman or child will be suspended 6 games after the first offense and will get a lifetime ban from the NFL after the second offense.That all sounds good for the future but it damn sure did not right the wrong of only suspending Rice for 2 games.

Not only did Roger Goodell give Ray Rice an unbelievably lenient suspension but he and the Ravens organization allowed  Rice to play the sympathy card. Ray Rice sat down for this long press conference and he seemed sincere in his apologies but he never apologized to his wife and he made a lot of half-ass promises to change. When Roger Goodell privately interviewed Ray Rice about to what happened that night he also questioned Janay Palmer. Who questions the victim in front of her attacker? That’s just immoral! The NFL looked real insensitive throughout this entire fiasco towards Janay Palmer and all victims of domestic abuse.

I have heard people say Janay probably provoked Ray Rice’s reaction and that is just silly, what Ray Rice did to Janay Palmer was not self-defense by any means. I have heard people even criticize her for marrying Ray Rice, what she wants to do with her life is her right but a league that banned a player for an entire year because of smoking marijuana should not have any tolerance for domestic abuse, especially after Jovan Belcher.

Goodell’s excuse for only suspending Rice for 2 games was because no one knew what happened in the elevator between Rice and Palmer, as if that matters since Rice admitted to the assault. Anyway, there have been reports saying Goodell and other NFL officials saw the video from inside the elevator. Today, TMZ released the videotape of what happened inside that elevator. The videotape showed what we already knew, Ray Rice violently struck Janay Palmer and knocked her unconscious. Following the video hitting the internet and even more uproar from the public the Baltimore Ravens terminated Ray Rice’s contract and the NFL decided to suspend Ray Rice indefinitely.

I agree with this ruling but I don’t understand what has changed from last month to now. We all knew of the heinous act that Ray Rice committed. Did seeing the act change our perspectives? If so, why? I saw the video and I was not shocked. It is like the movie ‘Titanic’, I never understood the hype around that film, was any surprised when the ship sunk? The only thing about the video that startled me a bit was how nonchalant Ray Rice was about it, that was disturbing Ray Rice should have at least got an 8 game suspension soon as he admitted to committing an act of domestic violence and if the Ravens really have no tolerance for domestic abusers on their team, his contract should have been terminated a long time ago.

The NFL is lucky to be selling a product that everyone loves because this is a PR nightmare that would make most corporations crumble.



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