NEW MUSIC – “Juvenile” by: MFnMelo

“Spark the loud and a thought at the same damn time”

MFnMelo makes the listeners take notice as he begins promoting his debut solo project, MeloDramatics, which will likely drop late-2013 or early-2014. MFnMelo is a member of the Chicago-based hip-hop collective, Pivot Gang, but on this track he proved he is capable of carrying a song on his own. I have been long awaiting a solo project from MFnMelo because of the way he stands out on songs with his playful rhyme schemes and witty punchlines.

On the song “Juvenile”, MFnMelo is talking about the slow grind that goes into getting your music heard but you cannot quit and you must be confident in your music. MFnMelo conveys determination and confidence throughout the song; he also shows signs of a possible addiction to marijuana (if that’s possible). I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from MFnMelo.

Pivot Gang is set to release their debut group project, JIMMY, in September 2013.


[Contact MFnMelo on Facebook and Twitter]


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