‘Breaking Bad’ Returns As Strong As Ever

“Tread lightly.”

Maybe it was just me but last night was bittersweet. It was obviously sweet because we were finally able to witness the confrontation between Hank and Walt. But it was bitter because when the episode ended I immediately realized there are only 7 more episodes of this great show.

The second half of season 5 began just like the season 5 premiere with a flash-forward to a rugged, sickly, and paranoid Walter White. In the season 5 premiere Walter White is celebrating his 52nd birthday alone at a Denny’s and purchases some pretty lethal weaponry. The beginning of the second half of season 5 is set in the same flash-forward but this time Walter White arrives at his abandoned home that is covered in graffiti and has a group of kids skateboarding in the pool. He goes in the vacant home to retrieve some ricin he hid behind an outlet cover. Because of those 2 flash-forwards, I am even more excited to see where this season goes.

I am sure most of us can agree that Walter White’s death is the only way this show can end. But how? I have always thought it would be at the hands of Jesse Pinkman or cancer but now because of those flash-forwards I am beginning to think Walter White may have pissed off some people that he can not outsmart.

The finale of the first half of season 5 gave us the biggest cliffhanger in the series’ history and it was epic. So, the second half of the season was believed to be based on Hank finally finding out who Heisenberg was and that Heisenberg is his brother-in-law. I was expecting the writers to make us wait for the confrontation between Hank and Walt until closer to the end of the season but they gave it to us immediately.

The second half of season 5 kicks off with Hank not knowing how to approach this knew information and fakes sick to leave Walt’s house. Hank then has a anxiety attack while driving home and crashes his car. Hank took off of work and had all of the files he had on Heisenberg sent to his home and began searching for a way to connect Walter White to Heisenberg. Walt comes over Hank’s house to check up on him and make sure Hank is feeling alright. Hank tries to act normal towards Walt but Walt tells Hank that he found a tracking device on his car that resembles the one they put on Gus Fring’s car. Hank dropped the act and was ready to expose Walt.

Walt and Hank had one of the best confrontations in this series’ history, Hank was pissed and you could just feel how much hate he had for Walt at that moment. But my favorite part of that confrontation was Walter White being vintage Heisenberg. Although Walt knew he was caught, he was still cocky and without admitting anything he pretty much told Hank that he was untouchable.

This show is about a good guy gone bad but a part of the show that is often forgotten is the transformation of Jesse Pinkman; a troubled kid who has grown tired of crime. Jesse has gone from being some idiot who put chili powder in crystal meth to being a millionaire–thanks to Walter White–who hates everything about how he became a millionaire. Jesse has been trying to disassociate himself from Walter White for sometime now but Walter White has been like a father to him and now it seems that Jesse fears that Walt may kill him at this point if he tries to leave.


Some possibly interesting minor developments:

  • What is going to happen with the always frantic Lydia? I don’t like her character but I am curious to see if she is always so worried for a reason.
  • Will Jesse find out the Walt indeed killed Mike?
  • How will Walt Jr. react if he finds out about his dad’s life of crime?
  • Will Skyler encourage Walt to continue cooking meth in order to build their car wash franchise?

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