The Perfect Timing of ‘Fruitvale Station’

Fruitvale Station is an independent film based on the true story behind the last day of Oscar Grant’s life. The film will be released in theaters throughout the United States on Friday (July 12th, 2013). I am anxious to see it. From just watching the trailer I get the feel of classic black films of the 1990s, such as: Menace II Society, Juice, and Boyz N The Hood. All of those films were about the everyday struggles of black youths.

The timing of Fruitvale Station‘s release in theaters nationwide seems like fate. What is the biggest news story around the country right now? The trial of George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman killed an unarmed young black boy over a year ago yet there is a thick tension in the air because there is still a strong possibility that George Zimmerman may be ruled innocent. I am hoping this film can reintroduce reality to the George Zimmerman trial because it is being presented as a soap opera.

The way the stars have aligned is kind of crazy. Trayvon Martin was a kid walking home from the store to watch the NBA All-Star game with his dad but since George Zimmerman thought he look suspicious, Trayvon is dead. Oscar Grant wanted to celebrate the New Year with his girlfriend but was killed by an irresponsible police officer who supposedly mistook his gun for his taser and took Oscar’s life. I believe Oscar Grant’s story will shine an even brighter light on Trayvon Martin’s story.



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