Mos Def Underwent The Guantanamo Bay Force-Feeding Procedure

This is an inhumane act used against people already protesting inhumane treatment. Yes, these are prisoners but they are humans first and deserve to be treated as so. Whatever crimes they have committed they are now serving their time and torture is not included in their prison sentence. I watched this video and cringed throughout, this treatment is unethical, it should be intolerable and reprehensible. There is no way anyone should walk away from this crime without any backlash.

Hip-Hop artist Mos Def decided to courageously display how cruel the treatment of these prisoners are by physically undergoing the procedure. Hopefully the courage of a celebrity can spark a fire under the ass of someone with the power to put an end to this treatment of Guantanamo Bay inmates. The fact that inmates are being force-fed is bad enough but there are prisoners that practice fasting during Ramadan and by force-feeding them is just adding insult to injury.

Barack Obama is supposedly the only one with the power to end this procedure, well Mr. President it is time to stop leaning on the fence and take some action.

[h/t The Guardian]


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