The Miami Heat Shouldn’t Panic Just Yet

Before this series I picked the Heat to win in 5 or 6 games because the NBA Finals is predictable in one way and that is that the team with the best player will win and I find it hard to believe that Spurs will win the series if Gary Neal or Danny Green are their best players. The Miami Heat are now down 2-1 in the 2013 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs following a 113-77 blow-out in game 3. But I see no reason for the Miami Heat to panic just yet. They only need to steal one game on San Antonio’s home court and extend this series so they can get back on their home court.


One thing that I have taken away from these past 3 games is that the Miami Heat have not looked recognizable outside of the last quarter and a half of game 2 when the Heat completely pounded the Spurs. This tells means one thing, either the Heat are in a slump or the Spurs have figured out how to beat the Heat without changing their identity. If the Heat were just in a slump for these first 3 games then I have faith that they will still win this series. LeBron James won me over this year and he fought his way into my top 10 NBA players of all-time list. With that said, being the best player in the NBA means nothing if you don’t shine when it counts. This could be the 3rd Finals in LeBron’s 10 year career where he didn’t play like one of the greatest players in NBA history.

I have watched LeBron play this series closely and it doesn’t look like he’s disappearing like he did in the 2011 Finals and it doesn’t look like he’s being shutdown like he was in the 2007 Finals. LeBron is struggling in these Finals because he is thinking about game 7 in the previous series against the Pacers where he got Wade and Bosh involved early and the Heat just coasted to a victory. And it is good that LeBron is embracing a leadership role and making sure everyone is getting involved on offense but that is all negated if he forgets to get himself involved. LeBron James cannot take 2 shots in the 1st quarter. LeBron James cannot only have 4 points at halftime.

LeBron has to do something he hasn’t done throughout his entire career–be selfish! No one else on the Heat is giving you anything. Yes, Mike Miller has been lights out from 3 but if the Mike Miller’s of the world are the only help LeBron James is getting then he cannot be scoring in the teens, he needs to be averaging 30. LeBron has to be aggressive for the sake of his team and his legacy. It is for certain that if the Heat lose this series that the big 3 will be disbanded and it will be damn near impossible to compare LeBron to Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan after 3 Finals losses.



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