‘How I Met Your Mother’ Is Overstaying Its Welcome

Last night was the 8th season finale of one of my all-time favorite sitcoms, How I Met Your Mother, and I wish the show would just end already. 8 seasons is a long time, but it is even longer when it has been 8 seasons supposedly telling a story of how a man met his wife.

TV LOOKOUTThe ceiling for this show has always felt about 7 seasons to me; 5 seasons of Ted searching for his wife and 2 seasons of incorporating the wife with the group. But instead we have had 8 long seasons of Ted making dumb, naive relationship decisions, and for some reason he is telling them all to his children. From the jump I have loved the premise of the show because it was such a unique way of telling a love story in sitcom-form but the show-runners have failed because it is taking them 8 seasons to get to the love story.

So, at the end of the 8th season Ted has yet to meet his future wife and he is still in love with Robin. Haven’t they done this already? Yes, several times and that is why I am getting kind of tired of the show.  The show-runners seem to be running out of ideas and are seemingly walking in circles. I think they noticed that they were beginning to walk in circles again with the Barney-Robin-Ted love triangle but they corrected that quickly by making Barney and Robin get married thus Ted would have to meet his wife at their wedding. Oh and they have finally introduced us to Ted’s future wife (we think).

how-i-met-your-mother (1)I love How I Met Your Mother, as much as I am bashing it now I am waiting anxiously for season 9 to begin because they ended season 8 with so many cliffhangers. Apart of me doubts that this is Ted’s future wife, I mean just think about how many curve-balls the show-runners have thrown our way. I just knew Stella was the future wife, then I definitely knew Zoey was the future wife, and I have thought Robin will be the ultimate curve-ball as Ted’s future wife several times, but I guess I was wrong. That is the one thing this show succeeds at endlessly is keeping its’ viewers guessing.

The reason why I worry so much about How I Met Your Mother is because LOST has ruined me when it comes to TV shows. I always expect the worse because of LOST, and How I Met Your Mother often gives off the same vibe that LOST did and that is that the writers are just winging it and nothing in the story is planned ahead of time except for the obvious. I still have hope–little hope–that this show can end with dignity but I am glad that season 9 will be the final season.



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