America’s Reaction To The Boston Marathon Bombing

Nothing bring this beautiful country closer than tragedy. Tragedy is the only thing that consistently unifies the Unites States of America. And it is sad but it is also a relief to know that we haven’t grown to be a completely heartless society. The majority of the time we are all bickering at each over politics, religion, and a bunch of other topics that we will all never agree on but it is great to know that we can come together and reflect on how privileged we are in this country. The rainbow after the storm was seeing all of the paramedics, police officers, bystanders, and uninjured runners tend to those hurt.


One thing that this tragedy has confirmed for me–other than there are some sick people in this world–is that Barack Obama is the greatest President ever when it comes to giving speeches. Obama’s speeches are almost always captivating and he always gets his point across in a beautiful way. He is a very versatile speaker, his speech immediately following the tragic bombings was informative and expressed his emotion about the tragedy while also alluding to that he still has everything under control. His speech at the Memorial service conveyed pure emotion and his hunger to catch the bastard that terrorized the American tradition that is the Boston Marathon. Obama knows how to console the nation through these tragic times.

To know that a person is actually capable of such terrorizing acts is nauseating enough but to see that CNN–“The Worldwide Leader in News”–is capable of such lazy journalism should be considered a criminal act as well. CNN is a 24-hour news network that seems to be more concerned with ratings and breaking news than just getting the facts and reporting those facts (also known as: doing their job). If you watched CNN during Wednesday afternoon, then you understand my frustration. John King gave this monologue on how the police have identified a suspect and an arrest has been made concerning the Boston Marathon bombs but then an hour or so later he refutes that information because… IT WAS FALSE! Whatever happened to research? Whatever happened to double-checking?

CNN has gone into the shitter ever since Larry King left–hence why Anderson Cooper is slowly separating himself from the network with his daytime talk-show on FOX of all places.

Thank God for Jon Stewart:

As a sports fanatic I have been looking forward to the moment when Boston sports fans will be able to showcase their emotions and their passion for their city after such misfortune. And the Bostonians did not disappoint one bit, these are easily some of the most passionate fans in the world and they showcased their passion as they all banded together to give a powerful delivery of the National Anthem before the puck dropped as the Bruins prepared to face the Sabres on Wednesday night.

Imagine the uproar when the Red Sox play their next game at Femway or when the Celtics play their first home playoff game!


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