The Mainstream Media Is Coddling Derrick Rose

Derrick RoseI am a huge Chicago Bulls fan and a huge Derrick Rose fan. He is the best player on any Chicago sports team since Michael Jordan. As a person he is a great representative of the city of Chicago. But with all of that said it as almost been a year since he tore his ACL and he has still yet to return. There is no doubt in my mind that if this were Dwight Howard or LeBron James that have been cleared to play basketball for over 2 months and has been “dominating at practice” they would be ridiculed by the masses. But since this is the innocent and humble Derrick Rose he gets a break? That’s egregious!

drose_recovery2Derrick Rose is 24 years old, it should not take him 2 months after being cleared to play to actually come back and play. If he was not cleared to play then I would have no problem with him sitting out this season but his doctor said he is cleared to play and that playing in-game is the final step in his recovery.

The doctors have said Derrick’s ACL is fully healed and the probability of an ACL tear is the same of any other player in the NBA. So, if that is the case what will 4-6 more months of rest in the off-season do but add more rust to his game? Derrick has said he wants to be back at MVP form, but he will not reach that form if he does not play.

I refuse to accept any argument that there is not enough “pieces” on this Chicago Bulls roster around Derrick to when a championship. I do not care if the Bulls only won 10 games out of 70, it is a team and you are on it and capable to play–so you should play! But the Bulls are a 6th seed in the Eastern Conference and with Derrick Rose in the lineup they would probably be the 2nd best team in the Eastern Conference. If an exhausted veteran like Kobe Bryant can sacrifice his body just for his team to be an 8th seed, then Derrick Rose can play on a team that was capable of being a 6th seed without him.



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