NEW MUSIC VIDEO – “Power Trip” by: J. Cole featuring Miguel

I have always considered J. Cole one of the best current hip-hop artists in the music industry, and I believe this video confirms that. Cole has seldom made mistakes in his music career (specifically “Work Out”) and he seems to put a lot of thought in every move he makes.

A song like “Power Trip” is a perfect first single. With Miguel being so popular it was already guaranteed radio and club spins but it being such a good song makes it even more of a hit. This record definitely shows the growth of Cole as a producer. But what will separate this record from everything else in the “rap game” is this music video.

The video begins and I was kind of disappointed because I thought Cole and his team decided to follow the current trend of rap videos in strip clubs. But then the video flipped and took the viewers on a trip through the mind of a jealous ex-boyfriend turned killer.


J. Cole’s sophomore album Born Sinner is expected to drop June 25th 2013


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