R.I.P. Roger Ebert

After a long, hard-fought battle with cancer, Roger Ebert passed away today while leaving behind a legacy that will last an eternity. Roger Ebert is not only a Chicago treasure, he is an American treasure. He was an innovator and a pioneer to the field of journalism. My father is 57 years old and grew up watching Ebert–along with Gene Siskel–on the TV program At The Movies where Siskel & Ebert reviewed films. The show went on hiatus after Siskel left in 1990, Ebert  brought the show back to life in 1999 with Richard Roeper–a fellow Chicago Sun-Times columnist.

Just with one television program Roger Ebert touched two generations of movie lovers.  Ebert truly influenced me to be a journalist because people bought the Sun-Times–one of the biggest newspapers in the country– just to read his reviews. He made his opinion matter. Roger Ebert was a dedicated man, through multiple surgeries and health problems he fought to go to every movie opening and continued to publish his reviews. Roger Ebert will be truly missed and never forgotten.


June 18th, 1942 – April 4th, 2013


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