Prayers For Kevin Ware

In the midst of  enjoying Easter Sunday with my family, the mood suddenly changed from joyous to bleak after the sight of Kevin Ware diving out of bounds and horrifically breaking his leg. I remember everyone laughing and joking until our attention changed to the television after seeing an image of Russ Smith crying. I turned the volume up to hear Clark Kellogg’s play-by-play on what happened. After CBS showed the clip twice, the house was silent for almost five minutes. Kevin Ware literally sacrificed his body while attempting to make a defensive stop. He landed in front of his team’s bench and his teammates witnessed first-hand a sight they will never forget. His leg seemed to have broken twice and his leg looked like a tri-fold wallet.

The response from his teammates was heartwarming and inspiring. The genuine emotions that those young men showed epitomized everything that being a team is about. A team should be like a family and in the world of college sports today that family atmosphere on a team has disappeared with all of these one-and-done “student/athletes”. Going into the game against Duke, Louisville was the heavy favorite but throughout the first half both teams were neck-and-neck but the emotions that the Louisville players showed after the tragic injury of Kevin Ware carried them to an impressive 22-point victory as they continue to chase a NCAA championship.



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