As The Third Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Comes To An End, Improvements Need To Be Made For The Fourth Season

First thing first, R.I.P. Merle Dixon, the asshole that everyone loved to hate. From season one when he verbally and physically attacked T-Dog causing Rick to handcuff him on top of a rooftop, to haunting Daryl’s subconscious, to being The Governor’s henchman. Merle has been able to be a fan favorite despite being so unlikable. He was one of the few characters in ‘The Walking Dead’ with layers to his story. With all of that said it was probably Merle’s time to go because there was really nowhere else for the writer’s to go with this character. Either he would become a “good guy” but that would be too sweet and unrealistic. Or he would rejoin The Governor, which would also be unbelievable because The Governor has been depicted as the unforgiving type. So, that leaves two options: kill him off or make him as annoying and unstable as Andrea.

The season finale for season three airs this coming Sunday. This has been the longest season yet of the series, yet their has really been no developments in the story. This has been the most disappointing season of the series by far. Nothing much has changed throughout this season besides death. Death is the biggest star on the show, if it weren’t for death this season would be the demise to the series. The real shame is that with all the deaths they still have too much dead weight on this show. I often find myself forgetting that Carol, Beth, the baby are on the show. Carl barely has any lines but he is probably one of the only characters that has evolved since season 2.

This entire season from beginning to end has been a 15 episode prequel to what I assume will be one hell of a bloodbath of a war during this upcoming season finale. Every episode as been based on the anticipation of the battle between the Woodbury group and the Prison group. It has become overwhelming, and I doubt that this season finale will live up to the hype. All this season has really accomplished is making Andrea less likable.

If Andrea is not killed off in the upcoming season finale, I will be very disappointed. She has grown to be 10-times more annoying than Lori was is season two. Andrea’s character is stuck in the mud, there is no way develop her story-line anymore. What does she really bring to the  show? She has had 3 chances to kill The Governor and decided not to. Now she’s in The Governor’s torture chamber and I could not be more happy.

The writers of ‘The Walking Dead’ have to be more creative, they cannot base this show completely off of the comic books. Comic books can stay in one location and not get boring. TV shows cannot. There are far too many dead moments in every episode. How many shots of someone on watch-out do we need to see? This group needs some positive human interaction. Leave Georgia already or something. Trying to follow the comic book step-by-step is beginning to hurt the show.

The best episodes of this series are when some of the main cast members leave the their primary location or when there is a character death. And there is not enough characters left for too many more character deaths.

It is time for Tyreese and Sasha to join the group already, that can help the writers add layers to the show. There is a lot of character development to take advantage of between Sasha and Tyreese.

With all my criticisms of the show, I love it. This show has a cult following and I believe the writers need to appreciate that more. Two-to-three highlight episodes a season is not good enough. Two consecutive one-dimensional seasons is not going to cut it, season four has to have the depth that this series has been lacking since season one (which only had 6 episodes).



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