The Miami Heat Are Looking Like An Unstoppable Force

So, I watched the Miami Heat play the Cleveland Cavaliers and I saw the Heat were down 27 in the 3rd quarter. I was in disbelief but as a Bulls fan I was loving it. So, I changed the channel for like 5 minutes, turned back and the Heat were within 10. Then I was really in disbelief. I was just watching LeBron James and he was in beast mode. LeBron had that same intense face he had when dominating the Boston Celtics in games 6 & 7 of last year’s Eastern Conference Finals. The Cavaliers are a terrible team (especially without Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, and Anderson Varejao) but this game felt like a playoff game in that 4th quarter. LeBron willed that comeback, he did not want this winning streak of the Heat’s to end; especially in Cleveland.

It is no secret that I am far from a Miami Heat fan but it is impossible, as a basketball fan, to not admire the dominance they are unleashing on the NBA. They are now on a 25 game winning; and it will probably be a 26 game winning streak after tonight’s game against the often laughable Charlotte Bobcats. Miami is on pace to break the NBA record of the longest winning streak held by the 1971 Lakers, who won 33 consecutive games. In my opinion if the Heat do not break the record their win streak is still more impressive. There are plenty more superstars in today’s NBA than in 1971. The Heat are dominating viable competitors night in and night out.

Through these last 2 years, LeBron James has shown he is the best player in the NBA without any doubt. He had that collapse in the 2011 Finals but has pretty much been perfect ever since. Since 2011 he has won his 3rd regular season MVP award, he won his first championship, he won the Finals MVP award, and he led Team USA to another gold medal. Now, this year is his all but guaranteed a 4th regular season MVP award and the Heat are heavy favorites to win a 2nd straight championship, barring no serious injuries.

Dwyane Wade is probably playing his best basketball since leading the Miami Heat to a championship in 2006. He seems to be 100% healthy for the first time in 3 years. Chris Bosh has adapted to his lesser role on this team and is an offensive threat from almost any spot on the floor. With the pieces they have they are able to easily spread the floor, allowing LeBron and Dwyane to penetrate at will and kick it out to the wide variety of perimeter players. The bench is packed with shooters and despite their rebounding deficiencies, they have several effective bigs, especially on the defensive side.

I would be utterly surprised if this team does not win the title this season and are not in the Finals at least 3 of the next 5 years.



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