Thoughts and Predictions on the upcoming season of ‘Mad Men’

First thing first, R.I.P. Lane. But let’s be honest, he had to go, he was slowing down the show and his storyline had reached its ceiling. But now that he’s dead will the firm remain Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?

The last few episodes of season 5 were very fulfilling to say the least. There was plenty of character development to continue to expound upon for seasons to come. A couple examples are with Pete and Joan.

Pete, the guy everyone loves to hate, has evolved from a arrogant brat to a hard-working arrogant brat with real life problems. When we were first introduced to Pete he was just a wannabe big shot trying to sleep with any woman that looked his way all while being engaged. But while working hard to gain respect in the firm and becoming a husband/father, Pete has slowly matured. Although he is still frequently annoying, I love the development of his character. Plus, he got the shit knocked of him twice this season by two very unsuspecting characters. That was very enjoyable. But I would have had my money of Peggy beating his ass way before I would have suspected Lane to do so.

Joan as grown from just a piece of eye candy to being the glue that holds the firm together. When the firm was first started no one had a clue what to do until Joan came in and saved the day. After Lane’s tragic demise, although she was loathing, Joan effortlessly accepted her new role with the firm. Joan once resented Peggy for wanting to fit in with the men but now she has evolved from delivering mail to a respected and valued junior partner.


I am predicting that there will be plenty of breakups throughout the season either Betty/Henry or Pete/Trudy or Don/Megan or whomever else. I am predicting that Bertram Cooper leaves the firm and the ‘C’ in SCDP will stand for Campbell; as in Pete Campbell. I predict that Greg will find out that Roger is Kevin’s biological father. I am also predicting that Peggy returns to the firm.

My hopes for this season are simple. I just hope they touch on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. The 1960s were some of the most historical years in mankind as a race fought for the civil rights. Last season the writers slightly broke the ice on the civil rights movement with the firm hiring Dawn Chambers, a black woman from Harlem, as Don’s secretary. I would like to see her role expanded slightly, similar to the growth of Carla’s character.

I love this show and I hope it reaches 9 seasons. Last season I felt like the focus was mainly on Lane and Pete and it was great but this upcoming season I would like for the show to go back to it’s roots; Don Draper. Don is the show, yet I still feel like we don’t know him. We have learned about Don at a very small rate and this season I want him and his storyline to unravel, and the poster for the season gives me an idea that we may see that.

627 (1)In this poster we see two Dons, one walking towards us holding the hand of a woman (Megan?) and the other walking away from us with just his briefcase. Maybe this poster is symbolic of Don stepping away from being so buried in his work and being more committed to the growth of his relationship with Megan.

This poster could also be symbolic of the mind of Don Draper. There seems to be so much going on in the poster. There is a plane flying by, maybe that’s symbolic to his desire for more accounts. There are police looking at him, showing that maybe he still fears being caught for stealing an identity. The two Dons could just represent the two Dons that we have known throughout the series with Don-at-work and Don-at-home.

Anyway, I am looking forward to April 7th!


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