Louis C.K.’s New HBO Special: ‘Oh My God’ Premieres on April 13th

Is there any doubt that Louis C.K. is the best stand-up comedian of the past 7 years? NO!

Louis C.K. is this generation’s George Carlin, with his way of merging black comedy and observational comedy. What separates Louis C.K. from a lot of other comedians is his writing, he is a very versatile writer, and that was really what got his foot in the door to lead to his successful career.

I mean, this guy wrote ‘Pootie Tang’! Anyone that had anything to do with ‘Pootie Tang’ deserves nothing less than the highest of praise.

Stand-up comedians often attempt starring in a television show, and most fail, but Louis C.K. did not. With the success of his sitcom ‘Louie’ he can now be mentioned with a small group of legendary comedians that did the same, such as: Bernie Mac, Bill Cosby, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, and Jerry Seinfeld.

He is one of my personal favorite stand-up comedians of all time, and I will definitely be tuned in on April 13th.




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