Who Should Host 2014’s Oscars?

I thought long and hard about this because every year the biggest criticism of the Oscars is the host. This year I thought Seth MacFarlane did fairly well, I laughed at most of his jokes. But that wasn’t the case for most of the viewing audience. I definitely would love to see a return of either Jon Stewart or Chris Rock, those are the best 2 hosts that I’ve seen. I think Billy Crystal was overrated as a host and everyone needs to stop asking for his return, AGAIN. No one under the age of 18 really knows Billy Crystal. The Oscars tried to make up for having Billy Crystal by getting Seth MacFarlane, but no one over the age of 40 really knows Seth MacFarlane. They need to find a middle ground, someone who is relevant to all age groups.

Chris Rock was my all-time favorite Oscar host because he made the show his, it felt like a Chris Rock concert with a lot of A-list guest stars. He was as no holds barred as usual, he didn’t hold back on any content. The only difference really between his monologues and his typical concert was the lack of vulgar language.

The only thing I ask from an Oscar host is to keep me entertained through the boring behind-the-scenes awards. It is cool that these people get the same recognition as the “stars” on this night but let’s be honest if it isn’t Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Actor In A Leading Role, Best Actress In A Leading Role, and maybe even Best Writing, we all begin channel surfing. The Oscars need to be like the Grammys in one aspect, and one aspect only. The Grammys gives out the less popular awards during commercial breaks and during the pre-show. This could cut the Oscars to a 2-hour long show, which is all it really needs to be.


Now, my suggestion for 2014’s Oscars is… Jimmy Kimmel! This is Jimmy Kimmel’s year, he has shown he can host with the Emmy’s and the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He has the number one late night talk show, surpassing Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno and his idol David Letterman. Another plus for Kimmel is that he has some of the best writers on television.

Talk show hosts and stand-up comedians are best suited for this kind of gig because writing and performing a monologue is almost natural to them. I don’t know what drug the producers were on when they chose Anne Hathaway and James Franco to co-host, but that was brutal.

Jimmy Kimmel is not only relevant by all ages groups, I have never heard anyone say they dislike him. His ability to be a slapstick comic while being politically correct makes him almost impossible to dislike.



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