Jennifer Lawrence, I Love You!

Yes, I know, the title of this post is a bit creepy. But after watching the Oscars last night, and being disappointed that Tarantino still doesn’t have an Oscar for Best Picture, the only positive thought I had was how awesome Jennifer Lawrence was throughout the entire show. For instance, she was not nervous about being nominated for Best Actress In A Leading Role, she was just hungry:

She might be one of the most beautiful actresses today but what I like most about her is her tomboyish personality, which makes her come off as a real person. She got that from her sports fanatic family consisting of two older brothers. She doesn’t carry herself the same way as the stereotypical celebrity, she doesn’t care about the glitz and the glam of Hollywood, she just truly enjoys her craft.

She just came off of doing a film with Robert DeNiro and this is how she reacts to meeting Jack Nicholson:


As good as Jessica Chastain was in Zero Dark Thirty, I felt that Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Silver Linings Playbook was a bit better. Jennifer dominated that performance every time she was on the screen , even with Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper (who is really underrated as an actor). Her performance was heartwarming, sexy, funny, and a little psychotic.

She’s only 22 years old, she’s an Oscar-winning actress, who has proven how diverse she can be with her art. Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s new “it girl” in the best way possible.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room


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