President Jimmy Carter Gives His Opinion On ‘ARGO’

ARGO without a doubt is my pick to win Best Picture at the 85th Oscars ceremony. The film is based on the “Canadian Caper” and how the CIA forged the production of a sci-fi film in order to rescue 6 Americans who were captured by the Iran army. This event happened during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Carter argues that although the film is great, that he feels they give too much credit to the U.S. because Canada was the true hero.

If you watched the film you can see why it is hard to believe President Carter’s high praise of Canada. The film makes it seem as if the CIA decided to give Canada the credit and allow them to bask in the glory publicly while in all actuality the CIA was responsible.

What is the truth? Who deserves the credit between the CIA and Canada? I doesn’t matter, the captured Americans were rescued, the movie is great, and I will be appalled if it doesn’t win Best Picture.


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