Is It Time To Worry About Derrick Rose Possibly Not Returning?

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for Chicago Bulls fans. Word got out that Derrick Rose was taking “full contact” in practice and that tidbit of news caused speculation that Derrick Rose could return as soon as the end of February. Well, now it is February 21st and with just 7 days left in the month it is doubtful that Derrick Rose will be playing this month. On top of that Derrick Rose spoke to the media for the first time since his injury and he said that he wouldn’t mind missing this entire season because he doesn’t want to return until he’s 110% and he’s only currently in the high 80 percentile. After he made that statement every Chicago Bulls fan’s heart dropped (including mine). But the thing about a roller coaster is that when there is a down, an up soon follows. So, after Derrick Rose’s statement, we get news that he participated in his first 5-on-5 and looked “great”. And the speculation of a near return reappears.

Now, today Reggie Rose; Derrick’s manager and older brother, said that Derrick’s return can be affected by the fact that the Bulls as an organization have yet to make any personnel changes to better the team’s chances of contending for a championship.

Phoenix Suns v Chicago BullsAs a Bulls fan and a Derrick Rose fan, this is highly disappointing because there are only a few true championship contenders in the NBA. So, by Reggie Rose’s logic every other team shouldn’t bother competing and there  star players should just sit out. So, since Derrick Rose is the star of the team he should just sit out every regular season and  let every other Bull should give it their all for 82 games just for Derrick to swoop in just in time for the post-season? No. Joakim Noah and Luol Deng have sacrificed their bodies these last 2 seasons to try to cover up for what the team is missing without Derrick Rose. But they cannot. Luol postponed surgery for 2 seasons with a torn ligament in his wrist for the sake of this team and their potential. Joakim Noah is playing with plantar fasciitis because he knows this team in 9 games over .500 without Rose and when Rose returns this team is set up for a quality playoff run. But maybe Derrick doesn’t feel that way.

I remember instances when the likes of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Dwight Howard others were free agents but Derrick Rose said he didn’t want to recruit other star players and that the Bulls were good enough as constructed. So, now if what Reggie Rose is saying reflects how Derrick Rose feels, then that would make Derrick a hypocrite. As a fan of his, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and just continue to root for the Bulls as I patiently await his return.



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