It’s Time For John McClane To Die… Hard

Don’t get me wrong I love Die Hard but holy shit! 5 movies?

If I were Bruce Willis I would refuse to make anymore Die Hard‘s. They are ruining the brand! Bruce Willis is knocking on 60 but he isn’t roided up like Stallone. Also unlike Stallone, Bruce Willis is a good actor so you would think once Bruce Willis reads these scripts he would laugh at the awful cliches, unrealistic stunts, and the lack of story-lines but no, he continues to allow the John McClane name to be dishonored.

The first 3 Die Hard‘s were cool, the original is a classic. I really didn’t like Die Hard with a Vengeance too much but Samuel L. Jackson was in it, so it was a success. But Live Free Die Hard was ridiculous. Did anybody see the end?! John McClane shot through himself to shoot someone behind him and the person behind him died but HE LIVED? I call B.S.! If the writers were smart they would have pulled an Armageddon, let Bruce Willis sacrifice his life for the honor of his daughter.

I can accept the impossible to a certain degree, I mean it is an action movie, but it’s just more acceptable when the main character is young. With that said it’s safe to make the assumption that I hate The Expendables. Who wants to see old dudes kick ass? No one. That is why they had Mel Gibson along with Danny Glover, no one would watch Lethal Weapon without Mel Gibson in it, it would have just been Danny Glover complaining to himself and losing his breath all of the the time.

Bruce Willis needs to take the Robert DeNiro approach, stop taking roles that you took 20+ years ago, you’re old but you’re still talented.



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