Reasons Why I Did Not Watch The Grammys

The Grammys are equal to the MTV Video Music Awards, the only difference is that it is a more formal affair. The Grammys are a popularity contest, they don’t strategically listen to these albums and songs, they just award whom ever was charted the highest. Not to sound like a hipster but I hate the “popular music” of today. I hear acts like Taylor Swift & Drake and my reaction is “eh”. There’s no art, there’s nothing special to what they do. They are being awarded for mediocrity. esq-jay-z-pour-brandy-grammys-021113-de

If you know me at you know I love hip-hop, when it’s done well of course, but The Grammys does not support the hip-hop culture whatsoever. I think it was last year when I watched The Grammys and they just did not show the winners of any of the hip-hop categories accept their awards. I just saw who was nominated for the hip-hop awards this year and completely gave up hope. What is the point of watching The Grammys if I know Jay-Z & Kanye West and Drake are going to win those categories? Kendrick Lamar and Killer Mike made two phenomenal projects and weren’t even nominated. I look at the nominees and they are reflective of what’s playing on the radio. No other genre is represented like that. I have never heard a Mumford & Sons song but they completely dominated The Grammys. Other genres seem to be rewarded from their talent not just their popularity. It is almost as if the voters for The Grammys see other genres talent matters but anyone can rap, which is completely false, but they still nominate 2 Chainz. LL Cool J was the only true representative of hip-hop in The Grammys ceremony and I really forget his existence in the rap game sometimes

I have completely given up on all award shows excluding the Oscars because the Oscars reward talent. The Pianist was not highly viewed but it won Best Picture. If the Oscars were The Grammys, Bradley Cooper would win Best Actor because he’s popular, but he won’t because although Silver Lining Playbook was a good movie, Daniel Day-Lewis was terrific in Lincoln, and that is what the Academy awards.

With all of that said I enjoyed my night, despite not watching The Grammys, thanks to the Blackhawks shutting out the Predators and the return of The Walking Dead; but thanks to social networking I felt like I did watch The Grammys. Seriously, how did people watch television before Twitter? I am guilty of it too at time, but last night my Twitter timeline was like a play-by-play of what was going on at The Grammys with a tad bit of color commentary. The only reason I sort of regret not watching  The Grammys is this:


I have never heard a Katy Perry song other than “I Kissed a Girl” but I’m now a fan of hers; despite that awful song!


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