‘The Walking Dead’ Returns This Sunday

To say I’m excited or anxious for the return of ‘The Walking Dead’ is an understatement. There are so many unanswered questions and unsolved mysteries like: will Tyreese’s group be accepted by Rick and company? What is The Governor going to do with Merle and Darryl? Will Andrea return to the group? How will The Governor strike back after the group ambushed Woodbury? All of these mysteries and questions should make for a great second half of season 3.

Through the several trailers and promos that have been released during this 2 month hiatus, we have seen clips of Darryl and Merle, so I think it is fair to say that they somehow escaped from Woodbury. The promos and trailers also have shown things like The Governor appearing to shoot towards the prison and Andrea being in the prison. I have a feeling the second half of this season will focus a lot on Andrea, since she is the “mutual friend” between The Governor and the group. I am also expecting even more growth from Carl, who has already matured so much from the kid following Shane around in the first 2 seasons.

I have been curious since the group left the camping site will there be a reemergence of character’s who have been left behind but hadn’t died to our knowledge like: Morales; who left the group with his family once the group decided to leave the camping site and head for the CDC, and Morgan; who educated Rick on the “new world” after Rick woke from his coma and decided to head towards Atlanta with his son while Rick went on looking for his family. I am mostly interested in seeing if Morgan returns because Rick tried to contact him with the walkie-talkie and warn him not to head into the city but Morgan never replied. I believe Morgan’s character would fit well with the group because he his strong-willed and he will be loyal to Rick, plus the group can use as many guns as possible with the loss of T-Dog, Shane, Darryl, Oscar, Lori, and Jimmy. The only true “soldiers” the group can rely on are Rick, Carl, Michonne, Glen, and Darryl because Hershel has one leg, Carol and Maggie aren’t the best shot, and we are uncertain if Merle, Andrea, and Tyreese’s group will assist the group if they were to war with Woodbury.

With all of that said the biggest story going into the second half of season 3 is what The Governor is going to do to respond to the group after ambushing Woodbury, and Michonne killing his daughter (who was a walker) and cutting his eye out. I am expecting all out chaos going deep into season 4, I would be highly disappointed if The Governor story-line were to end this season. There are so many layers to this great story-line. If the writers were able to stretch the farm story-line for an entire season, then The Governor/Woodbury story-line should easily stretch enough to fill 2 seasons. We haven’t truly dug into The Governor’s back story yet or how Woodbury was built, which I am sure if touched on will be very interesting to unravel.

All in all this should be an excellent 7 remaining episodes.




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