Jay Cutler Is The Most Overly-Criticized Active Athlete

NFL Player Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler was currently ranked fourth on Forbes’ 10 Most Disliked Athletes In America list and I cannot understand why for the life of me. I admit that I am a Chicago Bears fan and that this maybe a biased perspective but as a Bear fan, I can say without a doubt that he is the best Chicago Bear quarterback EVER. Although Cutler seems standoffish at times, I found this year Cutler really showcased his personality with more radio interviews and having a weekly hour-long radio show on ESPN Chicago Radio. Cutler displayed that although he can come across as an asshole that he just has a extreme passion for football and expects perfection when he’s on the field from the coaches, himself, and his teammates. On his radio show Cutler showcased  that he has a great slapstick sense of humor and is very articulate.

Jay Cutler was ridiculed for shoving J’Marcus Webb during a game against the Green Bay Packers; of which Cutler threw 4 interceptions, and everyone accused him of being a bad teammate but just weeks later Cutler was shown tying J’Marcus Webb’s shoes on the field. I viewed Cutler’s shoving Webb as a leader trying to wake up the weakest link on a very weak offensive line. Jay has dealt with senseless criticism at times, from Tom Jackson going on a rant over Cutler not speaking to Soldier Field employees as he entered the stadium to Shannon Sharpe implying that Jay’s a “coach killer”. Is it because they are former Broncos and they didn’t approve how Cutler left Denver? Possibly, but if you’re going to criticize Jay criticize him for throwing 4 interceptions against the Green Bay but critiquing his body language, his smug facial expressions, or making blind assumptions just makes them look petty and ignorant.

ESPN’s show SportsNation actually conducted a poll that was titled “How much do you blame Jay Cutler for RGIII’s injury?”. I don’t even know to react towards that. The reason for the poll question is because Jay Cutler didn’t play the 2nd half of the 2011 NFC Championship game after suffering from a knee injury and was ridiculed by the masses. Everyone from former athletes to sports pundits to active athletes ridiculed Cutler for not toughing it out and playing the remainder of the game. SportsNation looked at Cutler’s past situation and compared it to a banged up RGIII playing in a playoff game; of which he tore his ACL, I don’t know about you but that’s one hell of a stretch.Bears Cutler smiles as he stands on sidelines against Seahawks in Chicago

This year was a roller-coaster of criticism and praise for Cutler. During the first 8 games the Bears were 7-1 and the defense was getting all of the great because they were putting historic number but in week 9 after suffering a concussion against the Houston Texans the world was able to see how awful the Chicago Bears’ offensive line is when they couldn’t block for Jason Campbell (Jay Cutler’s backup) for more than 3 seconds at best. After the world witnessed the  disaster that is the Bears’ offensive line Cutler received nothing but praise for being tough to find time in the pocket with an offensive line that cannot block. All of that praise evaporated once the Bears went 3-5 in the last 5 games and the Bears ended the season 10-6 just missing the playoffs. Lovie Smith was soon after fired and Cutler somehow became the blame.

Jay Cutler is probably one of my 10 favorite active athletes and I am beginning to like who he is off the field as well. Athletes like Ben Roethlisberger, Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick are either below Cutler or not even on Forbes’ list of 10 most dislike athletes in America and I don’t understand why. Why do people care if Cutler isn’t smiling all the time like Hines Ward? He is strictly hated because of body language, there is nothing else you can hate him for, he’s a productive player, a seemingly good finance/father, and he’s a spokesperson for diabetes.



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