College Athletes Should Get Paid But It’s Impossible


I believe college athletes are treated like property and everyone around them is making money because of them but they aren’t making a cent. The counter to my argument is that these students get a free education but at the end of the day who benefited the most from Carmelo Anthony going to Syracuse? Yes, Carmelo Anthony was able to go to college and showcase his talent to the NBA but Syracuse won the championship but Carmelo would have been drafted to the NBA if he was able to go straight out of high school. If it weren’t for the NBA and NFL requiring all players must attend college for awhile, colleges would not get these professional-level athletes. In basketball and football most players reach their peaks in high school.

Carmelo Anthony was on magazine covers, he was featured in video games, his college jersey was in stores, and he was the focal point of a documentary that was  made on the Syracuse Orange and their championship run. He is getting all of this publicity and he did not received any compensation. Why would anyone stay somewhere where they give their all and everyone around them receives some form of payment except them? It is true that these people are privileged to go to college on a full scholarship but most of them are just using college to become a professional athlete, education is secondary.

Today is “National Signing Day” and people actually spend time in front of their televisions watching 17-18 year old kids decide which college they will be attending in the fall. If these kids can gain such attention for just picking teams then why shouldn’t they get paid, or at least get an agent? As student-athletes, they don’t have time for jobs therefore they are often without money. College students need spending money, the majority of these kids are probably not from wealthy families but they are probably in colleges across the country from their families, how do you expect them to see their families? Their sport is their job, they deserve to get paid for it.

chi_r_jabari_parker1x_600Jabari Parker was the #1 high school basketball player in the country this year and recently staged a press conference to announce his choice to attend Duke University this fall. Schools are solely using their reputation to recruit these kids and that is why certain colleges are able to recruit the best players. Other college could even the stakes if they were able to offer some kind of salary to recruit players.

With all of that said, it is IMPOSSIBLE for college athletes to be paid for their play because how can you determine who to pay and how much to pay them. The NCAA cannot just pay basketball players and football students. There are too many sports available in college to just pay certain athletes. If you pay basketball players then you have to pay lacrosse players, you can probably pay one more than the other but you would definitely have to pay both and there just isn’t enough money to go around at the end of the day. The NCAA is not able to pay every athlete in every sport but they should allow these athletes to receive money from merchandise that this using their names and with that kind of money they should be allowed to have agents. If the NCAA could allow that I believe the entire discussion of paying athletes would no longer exist.


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