One Thing that Super Bowl XLVII Confirmed: Cleveland is Cursed!

Can Clevelanders get a break already? Back luck seems to always follow Cleveland sports, from Jim Brown retiring early to go to Hollywood, to Art Modell changing the Cleveland Browns to the Baltimore Ravens and winning a Super Bowl with them in their first 4 seasons, to LeBron James leaving the Cavaliers and winning a championship his second season in Miami.

As a Ravens fan, whenever I look at the Ravens play and see the word “Art” patched on their jerseys I wonder how Clevelanders feel knowing this team that has been contenders for the majority of their existence could have easily been the Browns if Art Modell didn’t move them. I just watched the Baltimore Ravens win their second Super Bowl within 13 years and they have only been around for 17 years, while the Browns have only had two above-.500 seasons since 1999.

Hall of Fame Modell Football


LeBron James is easily one of the greatest NBA players of all-time and at the age of 28 he is capable of being the greatest but when he was in Cleveland he was restricted by lack of talent around him. So, we had the opportunity to leave Cleveland and go to a team with other All-Star he barely hesitated and weeks later hopped on a stage in Miami with his new teammates and predicted multiple championships. Within two years of leaving Cleveland LeBron earned another MVP award, won his first NBA Finals championship, won a NBA Finals MVP award, and a gold medal. What makes LeBron leaving Cleveland so bad is that he was raised there.




How long will it take for Kyrie Irving to go to the Lakers?

… too soon?


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