New Music: “GURLFRAN” by: Saba

“I’m too young for most venues, but I sneak up in there”

Consistency and versatility are the hardest obstacles for rappers overcome but at the age of 18 Saba is doing that and he is doing better than 30+ year old rappers. I don’t mean to force-feed this guy’s music to you all but I have had the privilege to witness Saba’s development for about 5 years now, and in everything he releases he shows improvement somewhere. Saba does not allow himself to run in place, if he does not sense progress he is going to keep working until he does. He has dropped 3 projects in the past 3 years but dropping a song here-and-there like this is really how he has grown a fan-base. Saba keeps his fans fed enough that they don’t forget him while keeping them hungry for more, even if it is just a song he produced for another artist or just a snippet of his own song.

He blessed his fans with this new song “GURLFRAN” when he hit the 1,000 follower milestone on Twitter.



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