7 NBA Teams Are Set To Wear New 90s Throwback Uniforms


Aren’t they just gorgeous? I am so excited to see these jerseys on the court. We already saw the Phoenix Suns wear their throwbacks against the Lakers a few nights ago.

As a Bulls fan, I am more than anxious to see the return of the black with red pinstripes uniforms. Those, in my opinion, are the best uniforms in the history of the NBA. The Bulls, Hawks, and Suns have the best uniforms out of the 7 in my opinion. Although I love seeing the Bucks & Pacers jerseys because they take me back to Ray Allen and Reggie Miller in their prime.

This is the best thing the NBA has done in a long time, they should have brought black alternative Lakers jerseys back as well. This is my favorite decade because this was my childhood, I had Charles Barkley Suns jersey, and the Dennis Rodman black jersey with red pinstripes. Although only 3 of these teams are true contenders right now these uniforms will get people of my generation excited and I know although I will tune in to see each one of these teams wear these throwbacks.


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