Spoof: ‘Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?’

Now, this video was awesome and hilarious in an umpteenth number of ways but what was most funny about it is the amount of truth that was spewed. One of the things I loved most about my youth is watching shows like TRL and seeing videos by my favorite artists at the time like: OutKast, DMX, Jay-Z, and Eminem.

I look at MTV now and I think the “M” stands for miserable. Shows like Catfish, Jersey Shore, and et cetera are just awful. Maybe it is just my generation knowing how great MTV used to be, not being able to accept some of the things broadcasted on the network now but I cannot remember the last time music was played on MTV, they might as well change the name of the network.

There are channels like MTV Jams, MTV Hits, and even MTV2 that show a great deal of music videos but why? Why can they not broadcast these music videos on the original channel? At least one show, but not to have a single show that evolves around music just diminishes the history of MTV.

I don’t want to just pick on MTV because there is BET also, BET was even more important in my youth because I listened to mostly rap & MTV was mostly pop. I would be excited to come home from school and watch shows like Rap City and 106 & Park in pure excitement. BET was the greatest channel in the world to me just as recent as 8 years ago but now I forget it exists.

In this spoof video they mention how my generation and our bootlegging of music is the cause of record labels not making videos anymore. I agree and disagree with that because I don’t think artists use music videos as selling points anymore due to the plummet of music sales but also because lack of platforms to display them, yeah there’s YouTube and other internet forums but it isn’t the same as the artist going on to a show in front of a studio audience to premiere their video. Music videos are still made, every single on every album or mixtape comes with a music video for the most part. MTV has the right platform and enough clout to make a music video show work successfully; BET not so much.

As regards to what music will be displayed, yes there is some terrible music out there but there is good music as well and I hated the Backstreet Boys, Ja Rule,  Bow Wow, and Mandy Moore but I watched TRL, Rap City, and 106 & Park just to see my favorite artists and the possibility of me actually seeing that person being interviewed. Seeing an interview is not the same as reading a tweet, at least not to me. I don’t think my generation would watch as much but the younger generation would but I believe they deserve to enjoy their favorite artists the same way I enjoyed mine at their age, shows like these humanized the artists for the fans.

And as a greedy American who wants what a perfect world for himself maybe they could throw in some “throwback” videos for my generation here and there.


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