Recommended Music: ‘GETCOMFORTable’ by: Saba

Saba is an 18 year old Chicago-based lyricist from the hip-hop collective PIVOT. Saba is an unique artist with his very in-your-face/aggressive flow and lyrical content over his self-produced beats, along with his often smooth almost soulful hooks. Saba is extremely versatile and it is impossible to place him in any particular category within hip-hop. He is not necessarily a “back-pack rapper” as songs like “INTROverted” or “Last Week’s Paper” may have you believe, he isn’t a “punchline rapper” as songs like “You Know Sab” or “ThasMahWurrdd” suggest. Saba has the ability to touch on any topic, rap over any beat, and make any type of song.

In many of his early projects he toyed with harmonizing on his hooks and he hasn’t ever really put his mark on it but on this project Saba completely nailed it. Many rappers try to harmonize on hooks and it can really be annoying but Saba has been able to harmonize in a key that he is evidently comfortable with but also is an easy listen to his audience. It is really impressive that the same guy who is so ferocious in his verses is the same guy who is so  smooth and laid-back on the hook.

To be only at the age of 18 and to be as developed as Saba is scary. His earlier work impressive but they were impressive for a guy who was 16-17 years old. From those projects to this he went from “amazing… for his age” to just plain AMAZING. With the right machine behind him to promote him work in his lengthy future he is definitely going to be a problem in the rap game.

I am expecting big developments in the career of Saba in 2013.


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