NEW MUSIC VIDEO – “Animal Style” by: MURS

Artists like Murs are proof that hip-hop is an art form because he’s not just reciting meaningless lyrics on his songs, he’s able to make intellectual fulfilling music whilst also making his music entertaining.  “Animal Style” is the newest visual from Murs’ latest album Love & Rockets Volume 1: The Tranformation. Murs’ artistry is even more highlighted in this music video because not only did he write and record such an amazing story but he also portrayed the story’s main character.

Hip-hop is often viewed as a misogynistic and homophobic culture but Murs took the risk of essentially writing and starring in a gay love story. I view hip-hop as a culture that has no barriers because whenever someone tries to put up a barrier, us as a culture decide to cross that barrier and Murs did that by touching on a topic that is considered taboo in the hip-hop culture so in my opinion this song is the epitome of what hip-hop is.


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