BCS 4-Team Playoff Approved

A 4-team playoff for college football has been approved and will begin in 2014-2015 season and possibly through 2025. A 4-team playoff is a drastic improvement from the current way of selecting teams for the championship game. Last year I felt strongly that Louisiana State University was forced to play the University of Alabama despite already defeating them in the regular season. I am more than glad to see a playoff system in college football but I believe a 12-team playoff is the answer because with a 4-team playoff there is still more than enough room for controversy.

In America football and basketball have surpassed baseball by miles in popularity but football is head-and-shoulders above basketball in popularity. Basketball only has one up on football and that is March Madness. March Madness is the sole source of college basketball’s popularity but despite the lack of a playoff system college football’s regular season is much more popular than college basketball’s regular season. If college football concocted a playoff system of 12 or more teams then college football will be fall more superior than college basketball.

The only reason I believe the big wigs of the BCS and the NCAA are hesitant of permitting a college football playoff system is because the want for college athletes to get paid may grow. I say this because a 12 or more team playoff system for college football would be even more popular than college basketball’s March Madness. There is no risk other than getting fatter pockets for the big wigs of the BCS and the NCAA, so it only makes sense that they are hesitant because they do not want to hear anymore outcry for college athletes to get paid.


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