Isiah Thomas blackballed from being on ‘The Dream Team’?

Supposedly on the NBA TV special on “The Dream Team”, which is airing tonight (8 CT), members of “The Dream Team” admit to blackballing Isiah Thomas from the 1992 Olympic Team because many of them were not fond of Isiah. Michael Jordan has always been accused of blackballing Isiah from being on “The Dream Team” because Isiah Thomas was accused of not liking how much attention Michael Jordan was receiving during his rookie season and as the veteran Isiah Thomas supposedly put it upon himself to send a message to the then rookie and froze out Jordan in the 1985 All-Star game only allowing Jordan to attempt 9 shots while on the Eastern Conference All-Star team.

In my opinion Isiah Thomas is the 2nd best player to play the point guard position only behind Magic Johnson and I find it absurd that Isiah was not a member of “The Dream Team” but with all that said if Isiah Thomas playing on “The Dream Team” meant that Michael Jordan and a few other players would not participate then I would not put Isiah on the roster either. If Isiah Thomas was on “The Dream Team” would they be any better than they became? I doubt it, “The Dream Team” won by an average of 44.8 points per game throughout the Olympic games. As great as Isiah was I do not believe he would have improved that team much at all, that is probably the greatest team ever assembled, that team produced 11 Hall-Of-Famers, Isiah certainly would not have made the team worse either though.


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