My Top 5 Running Backs for the upcoming 2012 NFL season

LeSean McCoy is the epitome of the what the running back position has evolved into with his versatile running style by being  fast enough to dodge tackles and strong enough to fight through tackles. McCoy is also a receiving threat. He’s only 23 and has already set a franchise record of 20 touchdowns in the 2011-2012 season. At his young age I expect him to be at an elite status for years to come since he just signed a 5-year extension with the Philadelphia Eagles.





Arian Foster at 25 years old has gone against all odds to be in the elite class of running backs considering that he came in to league undrafted and in the last two seasons has ran for 2,840 yards & 26 touchdowns. With all of his achievements he has been rewarded by the Houston Texans with a 5-year extension for $43.5 million.



Ray Rice finished second in the league in rushing last season by tallying up 1,364 yards and scoring 12 touchdowns. In his 4 years on the Baltimore Ravens he has yet to miss a game. Ray Rice’s total yardage accounted for 37% of the Ravens’ offense.




Maurice Jones-Drew could easily be considered the best running back in the NFL if it weren’t for the fact that he is on the less than mediocre Jacksonville Jaguars. Jones-Drew led the league with 1,606 rushing yards on 343 carries and averaging 100.4 yards a game.




Matt Forte in just 12 games last season ran for 997 yards, tallied up 490 receiving yards, and was on pace to have the best statistical season of his career before sprain his MCL in week 13. Forte is currently negotiating a contract extension with the Chicago Bears, Forte has stated that he is not asking to be paid the maximum but he wants the stability to know he has a future with the Bears organization barring no other injuries.


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