Young Money vs. Hot 97

So, Nicki Minaj was set to headline Hot 97 annual Summer Jam and prior to her hitting the stage Hot 97 employee, Peter Rosenberg, voiced his opinion of how he doesn’t believe Nicki Minaj’s music is “real hip-hop” and how her hit single “Starships” is “bullshit”. Although I agree on with Peter Rosenberg on the fact that Nicki Minaj’s music isn’t hip-hop, I still disagree wholeheartedly on how he voiced that opinion and when he voiced it. The reason I disagree with him voicing his opinion prior to Nicki Minaj hitting the stage is because she is the headliner, she is the biggest name on the bill, she is bringing out Foxy Brown, Cam’Ron, & Nas. As an employee of the station your opinion is viewed as a reflection of what the station believes and why would Nicki Minaj want to step on a stage for a station that disrespects her? She would not which is why Lil Wayne; the president of Young Money Entertainment, forbid all of his artists (DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj, and others) from performing for Hot 97.

Another Hot 97 employee, Funkmaster Flex, claimed that he was going to ban Nicki Minaj’s music from his radio and bashed Nicki Minaj saying she’s “commercial” while he played a Rihanna song. After bashing Nicki Minaj, Funkmaster Flex called Nicki Minaj to have an hour long conversation with her on his radio show. During the conversation the loud-mouthed, hip-hop activist in Funkmaster Flex seemed to have disappeared, the man did everything to please Nicki, he apologized and even said his colleague, Peter Rosenberg, was wrong for saying what he said when he said it. What happened to the DJ who felt so strongly about banning Nicki Minaj from the radio?

I am far from a fan of the Young Money crew but I am on their side here because it makes no sense for a FM radio personality to bash Nicki Minaj or Young Money, that is all that they play on the radio these days. If you they were to stop playing Young Money they would be jobless. Another reason why I side with Nicki Minaj in this case is because females in hip-hop are an endangered species and these DJs are bashing the sole female rapper in the mainstream world. Nicki Minaj was not the one who made the decision, the decision was made by her boss; Lil Wayne. I find it weak to attack Nicki Minaj for being attacked and following her boss’s orders.


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