Since when are the wealthy banned from receiving Football Scholarships?

Many have opinions on Justin Combs (son of Sean “Diddy” Combs) receiving a full football scholarship from UCLA. I have heard some say Justin Combs should reject the scholarship since his father can afford the tuition so someone less fortunate can get the scholarship, I find that ridiculous. If Justin Combs is as talented as the scouts say then their is no reason for him to reject the scholarship. If UCLA was just giving Justin Combs the scholarship because of his father then I would have a problem but the kid can play football. I am sure Diddy will donate money to the school, in fact I would be surprised if he did not.

I am sure that other celebrities have had children who were gifted enough to receive some sort of scholarship. In fact, Oliver Luck, a former NFL Quarterback and the father of Andrew Luck (the recent number one draft pick in the NFL) was definitely wealthy enough to have paid his son’s tuition so another student-athlete would have received that scholarship but I did not hear anyone making a big deal out of that situation. I am against the term “hater” but the truth of the matter is that people are criticizing and crucifying Justin Combs for being born into a family that consisted of Diddy being his father and these people seem envious of Diddy’s success.

Justin Combs rejecting this scholarship would be like him belittling his talents. His father’s wealth and success have nothing to do with his talent so his father’s wealth and success should not take away from the accomplishment or accolades that come with his talent.


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